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Open    By merenkoff • July 4, 2012

iPad native client like Mac but simple to use.

Completed    By LarryStreeter • Dec. 6, 2012

Provide plugins for Eclipse and Intellj IDEA that would allow for inserting snippets directly into code within the IDE.

Open    By blaize9 • Oct. 28, 2013

Here is what the dash (Docs & Snippet App) integration with Alfred looks like (Image)

What i want is to type in the Alfred Keybinding, type in "snippets snippetname".

It will be the same thing as the Snippets Global Search Shortcut, but it will be integrated with Alfred.

Open    By avocadesign • Oct. 3, 2013

What's stopping me actually using this is a distibutor for Coda 2, I have expresso and sublime 2 but Coda is my main editor

Open    By crispinb • Dec. 1, 2013

The one advantage IDE's built-in snippet management currently has over Snippets is that they generally support limiting the scopes in which code snippets are available. Xcode, for example, allows you to add multiple scopes (expressions, implementation blocks, etc) to a snippet.

The advantage of this is that it prevents IDE autocompletion from getting polluted with large numbers of inapplicable snippets -- for example a method declaration isn't useful within a method body.

This wouldn't be an easy feature to implement, as IDEs have different scopes available (eg. for Objective-C, Xcode has 8, whereas AppCode has 4. But you could get around this to some extent by selecting a small superset that could be mapped onto the IDE-specific scopes -- for Objective-C, something perhaps like declarations, statements, expressions, and 'everywhere'.

Open    By dppeak • July 29, 2013

Would love to be able to have distributor to connect with AptanaStudio 3 or any other Eclipse IDE.

Open    By robaggio • March 5, 2014

This would be great to keep all snippets used on multiple WordPress installs synced. No more copy and paste from one install to another.

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