Ideas for Sharing

Open    By lukebrowning • Dec. 10, 2012

Add a way to share snippets with other users. Useful for teams that use many snippets day to day.

Open    By bowmand • Nov. 20, 2012

I wrote a coding textbook and currently our publisher distributes solutions as PDF and raw source code files. It would be really nice if we could include a ".SNIP" file with a Snippet database that includes all of our solution files / tags / description / text.

Completed    By ionos • May 21, 2013

Having a distributor for JetBrain's IntelliJ (and its derivatives) would be great.

Open    By shion • July 1, 2013

Having a distributor for Eclipse would be great too!

Open    By bowmand • Nov. 20, 2012

When folks demonstrate code for web, they often post broken / fixed code in JSBin (and similar) shells to recruit help from folks on sites like Stack Overflow.

What if folks on sites like SO could generate public snippet solutions (either direct import from JSBin or manually generated) so that folks could subscribe to the code snip.

If you've got an idea on how to improve Snippets fell free to submit it using the following form. Make sure anyone can understand your idea and vote on it if they like it. Provide as much details as you can, tell about use cases etc.

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